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One to One Coaching

My Approach

I believe effective leadership isn't just about adding more skills to your toolkit - it’s about balancing that skillset with your mindset.


It's about working on your values, your beliefs, the way you think about things, getting to know yourself thoroughly and developing your emotional intelligence.


It's about understanding how you want to show up and the kind of leader you want to be, and being honest about where you are falling short.

I work with leaders 121 and in groups to help them to develop their courageous leadership and conversational skills so that they can lead with courage, confidence and curiosity.

Let's get started!

Leadership Development & Training Programmes for Managers | One-to-One & Team Coaching
Leadership Development & Training Programmes for Managers | One-to-One & Team Coaching
Leadership is a lifelong learning journey, this is your first step towards becoming the leader you want to be
Leadership Development & Training Programmes for Managers | One-to-One & Team Coaching

6-month 1:1 Leadership Coaching Programme

This 6-session coaching programme is flexible and tailored to your specific needs. The outline below will give you a good idea of the areas and topics we could explore during our time together, and the outcomes you can expect from the programme.

Possible Explorations

The nature of coaching is that it is tailored to you – every journey is individual and unique. All my programmes begin with a goal-setting session and close with a reflection and planning session.

The following will give you a flavour of the possible explorations we may undertake together.

Values & beliefs

Leadership requires us to show up as ourselves and to do this skillfully we must be self-aware. You need to be clear on who you are and what's important to you.


At the very core of our behaviours and our decisions, are our values and beliefs.

Leaning into your strengths

We'll explore the old adage that "what got you here, won't get you there"! You'll complete a strengths profile to understand your strengths, and most importantly to identify the unrealised strengths that you need to leverage in your new role.


The art of conversation

Having productive and meaningful conversations at work is critical for leaders. Sometimes speaking the truth feels like we are being unkind, especially when sharing difficult information or feedback. In reality however, dancing around the truth is unkind. When we avoid stating the truth it is often because we are trying to lessen the discomfort for ourselves, not the other person.


You want others to see you as a leader, as a success in your new role. It all starts with you. How you see yourself will impact your behaviour, which in turn, will influence how others see you. It's time to turn down the volume on that inner critic and write your own ending to your story.




£1500 per person. Payment plans available upon request


£2100 per person.

"I turned to coaching in search of greater clarity and focus during a period of flux in my life.

Through a series of quality conversations, Melissa not only helped me address the immediate challenges I was facing, but also helped me to re-frame some deep lodged perceptions that had been clouding my view."
Certifed Leadership and Executive Coach | Melissa Hague Coaching Conversations Dorset.

Team Coaching Programmes

Team coaching is for your whole leadership team, not just individual leaders. It focuses on improving your collective performance and supports you to find strength in your team’s unique dynamics. Whether you are a newly formed team, a team experiencing change in your business or a team struggling to achieve success collectively, team coaching could be for you.

How we work together

Step 1:
Team Engagement

The purpose of this session is to offer a clear introduction to the team coaching process and to generate interest and engagement in the process amongst the team. Most of the hard work during the team coaching process is done by the team themselves and it is therefore critical that they are engaged and committed to the process. This session allows the team to ask questions, challenge the process and ultimately decide whether to engage with the team coaching or not.

Step 2:
Team Discovery

This stage of the process is all about gaining the widest perspective of the team as it currently performs. Usually this involves one to one interviews with all team members and key stakeholders to identify the team’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities. This stage also includes a diagnostic survey to gather data around vision & direction, leadership, roles & responsibilities, communication and relationships.

Step 3:
Team Launch

The launch event really kicks off the team coaching process and sets the stage for change. The content and direction of the launch event will be determined by the team discovery phase, and therefore the team themselves. A key output from this stage will be the goals that the team will work towards during the team coaching sessions.

Step 4:
Team Coaching

The team coaching sessions will focus on supporting the team to follow through on their actions and commitments, so they can achieve the goals they committed to at the team launch. The role of the team coach is to offer feedback and observations on how the team is operating, to challenge the team’s thinking, offer varied perspectives and support the team to be accountable for their actions and behaviours.




Price upon request

Certifed Leadership and Executive Coach | Melissa Hague Coaching Conversations Dorset.
Contact me for more information about 1:1 and team coaching programmes.
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